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Aurora Surgical

Aurora Surgical was founded in August 2011 to connect some of the finest instrument sculptors to the worlds top ophthalmic surgeons.  Aurora was founded by Lena Jonsson.  Lena has more than 20 years of ophthalmic surgical instrument experience.  She has helped build some of the most successful brands you know today.

Aurora is dedicated to providing products that surpass your needs and fulfill your wants.  Our instruments are manufactured utilizing the highest grade of stainless steel available, titanium, or diamonds sourced from around the world.  These natural diamonds are cut to exacting edges utilizing proprietary techniques.  If you are looking for a diamond knife, trial an Aurora knife available in all popular styles.diamondknife2

Aurora instruments now total more than 1000 different styles.  Most of their stainless steel instruments are manufactured in Germany by third generation sculptors.  Their titanium instruments are manufactured right here in the U.S.A..  If they don’t have it, they can source it, or have one custom sculpted just for you.