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Endoscope Cleaning & Leak Testing

Endoscope Cleaning & Leak Testing

ScopeTech DFscopetech

ScopeTech DF is a comprehensive flexible endoscope cleaning system that dramatically improves the speed of endoscope reprocessing while providing step-by-step cleaning sequence management, cycle validation and reports.

The ScopeTech DF is the only 4-in-1 system with automated scope inflation for immersion leak test, precision chemical dosing, and automated channel flushing with pulsating fluid technology for the main and auxiliary flush ports.  The included barcode scanner reduces the time to input scope serial number and technician IDs, which will ease the documentation and reporting burdens for sterile processing managers and document compliance with industry recommended reprocessing protocols and manufacturer’s IFU.

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EndoFlate GIendoflate

The Knight EndoFlate Gl is an automated inflation system used to pressurize the endoscopes  for immersion leak test.  EndoFlate provides an easy-to­ read digital screen with a numerical pressure value, timer, pressure bar, and date/time.  A red screen indicator will notify the endoscopy technician of the liner’s failure to meet desired inflation pressure.  In the event of a minor leak, the EndoFlate keeps the liner inflated to prevent fluid ingress and allow the manual cleaning to be completed.

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FlushTech GIflushtech

FlushTech Gl is an automated flushing system with 2 flush ports including a main flush and an auxiliary flush port.  The auxiliary port is used to flush the elevator wire channel of a duodenoscope, auxiliary channel, or when dual port flushing is desired. FlushTech can track and report flushing events, flushing volume, scope by serial number, and flushing conditions to document compliance with industry recommended reprocessing protocols and chemical manufacturer’s IFU.

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