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Better Built



BetterBuilt’s washer decontaminator offers you the freedom of complete control along with zero parts being proprietary.  Your cost to maintain and repair has never been lower.  Why lock your facility in to high-priced parts and service contracts?

The BetterBuilt D403 Series Washer Decontaminator provides safe and efficient cleaning for valuable surgical instruments and utensils. This washer is available as a single door unit ideal for smaller surgery centers or it can be provided as a double door pass through then banked together for larger applications. Additional automation options and flexible programming further enhance this washers capabilities.



Key Features:

  • Cabinet Configurations – This washer is available as a single door or double door pass through model. It can be recessed or free standing. Automatic vertical lift doors equipped with an air cushion safety system are standard.
  • Flexible Cycle Options – A wide range of cycle options makes this unit versatile and efficient. Options include enzyme treatment, alkaline or acid detergent, neutral pH solution and instrument lubrication. A thermal rinse of 194°F / 91°C is followed by complete drying.
  • Ease of Use – All BetterBuilt washers use a PLC microprocessor with industry leading touch screen controls featuring Activ™ PM diagnostics. All parts and components are non-proprietary and available from local suppliers or the factory.
  • Quiet Operation – The combination of component selection and design engineering insure the operating sound levels around the washer are kept below 70dB.
  • Productivity – A choice of load racks are available. The four level load rack holds up to eight full size instrument trays per load. A top and bottom washer mounted rotary spray arm and three removable rotary spray arms on the four level rack provide excellent coverage to all areas of the chamber.
  • Automation – For high capacity requirements automatic load and unload modules are available. When multiple washer automation systems are required we offer our Activ™ Automated Rack Conveying (ARC) system to enhance the user experience.