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Refurbished OR Tables

Refurbished OR Tables

Functional testing service and repairs

3085Hydraulic system:  Lift cylinder is rebuilt and the complete hydraulic system is thoroughly inspected, parts are repaired or replaced as required, fluids are replenished and the complete system is tested to insure full functionality.

Electrical systems:  Including hand control and table electrical system are thoroughly tested and major components are repaired or replaced as necessary. Batteries are replaced with new.

Mechanical systems:  Inspected, repaired, adjusted, and key components & systems are lubricated, sealed and/or torqued to meet or exceed OEM specifications.

Testing:  Completed table is systematically, meticulously, and rigorously tested to insure that all systems function smoothly and properly as intended by the manufacturer.


Detailed Process for Surgical Table Restoration

  • All IA X-ray tops are resurfaced
  • All stainless parts are resurfaced (including covers and rails)
  • All painted surfaces are resurfaced and painted
  • Hand control is inspected, repaired, or replaced
  • Kidney rest assembly is inspected, repaired, and adjusted
  • All shrouds are inspected, repaired, and adjusted
  • skytronAll hydraulic components are inspected, repaired, or replaced
  • All articulation pins are inspected, repaired, or replaced
  • Complete electrical system is tested and major components are repaired or replaced
  • Both sets of control and motor batteries are replaced with new
  • All rubber boots (for switches and circuit breakers) are replaced
  • All base standoffs are replaced and adjusted
  • Foot locks and rubber cylinders are replaced and adjusted
  • All necessary lubrication points are greased
  • Hydraulic system is checked and replenished
  • All applicable filters are replaced
  • All key fasteners have Loctite applied
  • Key areas are sealed
  • Key fasteners are torqued to OEM specifications
  • Other adjustments/repairs specific to each table performed to meet OEM specifications
  • Table must pass rigorous testing including weight test


Full 1-year parts and labor warranty

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