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Refurbished Autoclaves

Refurbished Autoclaves

centuryNovus Medical has collaborated with HSS for all your sterilizer needs.  Their technicians are factory trained in the service, maintenance, and repair of all major sterilizer brands.  Through them we offer both fully refurbished autoclaves and service contracts.  With technicians located in Portland and Medford, they can assure 1-hour call backs and will be onsite within 24 hours.

– Restoration of only the highest quality sterilizers

– Savings typically 50% or greater

– Completely disassembled and rebuilt to new manufacturer specifications

– All parts meet or exceed OEM specifications

– Installed by a BCMCLT class 3 boiler licensed technician

Overview of Restoration Processeagle

  • All components are removed
  • Chamber is completely cleaned and bead blasted
  • Pressure vessel MUST pass a hydro-static test to ensure integrity
  • Sterilizer is high temp coated and insulated, as applicable
  • Re-piped with polished brass fittings, new safety valves, new steam traps, and new or rebuilt solenoid valves
  • Door is fully disassembled, locking bars checked and replaced as needed, polished and refitted with new door bellows, new door gaskets, and adjusted to factory specifications

Full 1-year parts and labor warranty

*extended service contracts are available

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